The Right Way To Wear Red Color Fashion

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The Right Way To Wear Red Color Fashion

Red is a lovely color. It is the one color that can be bold and sexy and powerful, all at the same time. You can wear red and look elegant or sometimes even girly.

Red is a color that everyone can play with but not many of us take a risk with it. Most people just go wrong with their reds and their red looks turn out to be a big disaster. But if you truly look at it, red is just a color that can be worn by anyone and everyone.

Fashion Advice For Play It Right With Red

All you really need are the right styling tips. If you can style it right you can wear anything and everything and you’ll never go wrong. The real ball game with red is about styling and not all of us are great at it but if you really want to look flattering or stunning or even classy in red, try the right styling tips.

Fashion Advice For Play It Right With Red

  • Be very careful with the shade of red that you pick. Most people make a mistake not with their outfit but rather with the shade of red that they pick. Pick a shade of red that goes along with your skin tone. Don’t just pick a red because a celeb wore it or because it looks pretty. Pick a red that looks pretty on you and goes with your skin color.
  • If you’re going casual with your red look you may want to pair it with a basic shade that does not make it pop out too much. You want your look to blend together and look streamlined so pair your red top with black pants or your red pants with a black tee or top. You can also pair your red with white color if you can’t seem to find anything better. Stick to basic shades when you are doubtful.
  • For a party wear look, you can make your red pop out by mixing it with colors like mustard or maybe even going color block with it. You can always go for a color-blocked look like Kareena Kapoor Khan if you want to make your red outfit stand out and look chic. Take risks with red when you’re going for a party look.
  • You always have the option of going classic with a red dress but be sure to pick the right shade. You can also go all red in a set of co-ords in dual shades for a classier look. A red pantsuit can be the perfect look to kill in with class and elegance. Pick something darker in shades red like a deeper maroon red instead of a blood-red or hot red when it comes to pantsuits.
  • You can always take the risky route with your red outfits. If you want to look sexy, go with cuts like deep back cuts or backless outfits. You can also try a slit or a plunging neckline or maybe even both and if that’s not your cup of tea, you can play with the hemline of your dress.

When you go with your red outfit try to pick a red outfit with golden embroidery or print or work on it. A red outfit with silver work or print does not really look rich. You don’t want to look bad so stay away from silver and red combination. And don’t forget, you always have the option of a classic red saree!