Travel Doesn’t Have To Make You Fat

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Travel Doesn’t Have To Make You Fat

If you travel a lot for business, you have probably used that as an excuse for unhealthy eating more times than you could count.

When you get off an airplane from a long flight, your feet are swollen and your stomach is growling, it is difficult to pass by the greasy foods being served up in the airport. Depending on where you stay while on the road, exercise can seem near impossible as well.

Keep Your Body Fit While Traveling

The lack of nutritious foods and the absence of exercise could be the recipe for the destruction of your body. Many business travelers find themselves gaining weight or going to extremes to avoid weight gain due to the hectic lifestyle. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. Many businessmen and women remain fit, trim and active despite their hectic schedules. You can be one of them with just a few tweaks to your travel habits.

Keep Your Body Fit While Traveling

Do The Easy Exercise

If you don’t always stay in hotels that have gyms, purchase resistance bands and slip them in your luggage. They are incredibly lightweight and take up virtually no room in your bag. You can use them anywhere to complete a total body resistance workout with cardiovascular benefits.

Plan Something Active

If you are in charge of planning activities with a client, try to plan something active. You don’t have to entertain them on their rear ends all the time. Do some research into the professionals you will be spending time with to see if they enjoy golf, tennis, or any other sport. Even if you are strolling leisurely from hole to hole or riding in a golf cart, you are burning more calories than you would sit still.

Pack a Snack

If you can stop yourself from getting too hungry, you can control yourself when presented with quick-fix foods. Most foods that can be grabbed on the run from a restaurant or lobby are filled with saturated fat, sugar and other things that add pounds to your waistline. Those foods also make you feel sluggish, which is not what you need in the middle of a busy day!

How do you keep from getting too hungry? You keep healthy snacks on hand at all times. You should have time here and there to slip a handful of homemade trail mix into your mouth. Mix it up with dried fruits and a variety of nuts and seeds (low sodium if possible). Fresh fruit is also a good snack if you can keep it fresh somehow.

Look Ahead When Dining Out

You may not be able to avoid dining out when traveling for business, but you should always take the time to look ahead to the menu. Many restaurants now have their menus with detailed nutritional information online. You can also pick up menus at restaurants that you frequent in different cities. Some smaller restaurants may not have nutritional information online, but many will offer a look at their menu items on their website.

If you know what you want to order when you walk into the restaurant, you don’t even have to look at the menu. You can just order without tempting yourself. When all else fails, most restaurants can give you something custom ordered if it is basic. For instance, just ask for salmon with a salad and keep the dressing on the side.