How To Return To A Sport After An Injury

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How To Return To A Sport After An Injury

An injury is always bad news, but for a netball player, somebody who needs their body in peak position, it can throw their lives onto a different tangent altogether.

We don’t like to think about it, but an injury can spell the end of an athlete’s career, especially when it’s a recurring problem that is consistently pulling them from the game. Proper care immediately after an injury and the rehabilitation that comes after it is important to get a player back in the game. Healing times vary for each case, and re-inserting yourself into a training regime takes a lot of careful thought.

Back To Sports Activity After Injury

As soon as your injury occurs, apply R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) to cut down the long-lasting effects. From there you need to think about recovering from your injury as best you can before you can even think about taking the court again.

Back To Sports Activity After Injury

Seeing a professional about your injury is very important. Don’t simply take the advice of your coach or parents. Physiotherapists will be able to isolate the problem and offer you the best way to regain your full movement again. Whilst your injury is healing, keep the rest of your body in the as best condition as you can. Train with other methods such as cycling, swimming or water running. Keeping your non-injured parts active and in good condition will keep your health and netball fitness levels high, which will in turn aid your recovery time.

Trying to regain your full range of motion and strength can be an arduous process. Your physiotherapist will be able to tailor a regime for you to follow. Using pain as a guide, you’ll soon feel your strength and motion coming back, but it’s important not to leap straight back onto the court.

You should have no pain or swelling in the injured area before you even consider returning to your game. Recurring injuries occur when insufficient recovery time is allowed and the semi-healed part of your body is antagonized into injury again.

When returning to your sport, don’t run in all guns blazing. Stick to easy netball drills at first. Take it easy and play at about half to three-quarters of your normal intensity. Sit out for half a game if you can or take a less impacting position on the court. Your strength and speed will have dropped slightly in any case and your body as a whole needs to get used to exerting so much energy again.

When you feel completely better, still take care to guard the part of you that was injured for several months. Be sure to be strict with pre-game warm-ups, post-game warm downs and stretching. This type of prevention is still the best method for avoiding injury.

Being taken out of commission from a game that you love can be a depressing time, but the only way out of it is to keep on top of your recovery. If you’re injured, your sport is now recovering, and you need to approach it with the same passion and energy.