Handy Tips And Tricks For IOs User

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Handy Tips And Tricks For IOs User

Do you think you are making optimum use of your device? Whether it may be Android, Windows or iOS. Regardless of the platforms, each and every device have something amazing that we need to figure out.

Useful Tips For The User Of IOs

To do so we don’t need to make any software downloads it is just there. Today I’ll talk about iOS and will give you some easy steps to fully optimize your device without any free software download. Given below are a few tips and tricks for iOS handheld devices to help you get more out of your iPad or iPhone. These techniques are pretty simple and do not require a techie mind to learn.

Useful Tips For The User Of IOs

Shake to Undo

Control + Z is a very well-known shortcut on computers. It comes in handy when you wish to return a step back from something you didn’t wish to do. What if ‘Control + Z’ was available on your iPhone or iPad. Well good news, it’s there. Can’t find it? You need to jiggle your phone a little. Next time you accidentally delete a long written message, don’t worry, and just give your iPhone a firm shake to bring the redo/to undo button.

The Trick For Online Shopping

Next time when you shop online using your iPad, instead of making payment through a conventional way, i.e., entering your card’s digit one by one, try scanning your card using the iPad’s camera. The option is already available above the keypad, so just tap it and hold your card in front of the camera and it will scan the necessary information. This way you won’t end up entering the wrong digits and doing the process all over again.

Do Not Disturb

Text alerts from specific people or numbers can be muted by opting for Do Not Disturb option in detail menu of a message. Selective blocking enables you to mute alerts from a particular person while you continue getting alerts from other contacts.

Special Alerts

Many times there are calls and messages that you cannot afford to miss. For those times a simple vibration or sound alert is not enough. In order to ensure that you do not miss such an important call or message, there is an additional element that you can add to the alert besides sound and vibration, i.e., light.

For Selfie People

Some people are nuts for selfies. They keep clicking selfies and keep sharing on social media. But here’s a trick many of the selfy lovers won’t be knowing. Open the camera app on the iPhone and click selfy using the volume up the key of the headphone. The benefit is that it reduces shaking and the selfy taken looks more natural and hands-free.

In the end, I would like to say that each time we need to accomplish a task it is not necessary for any software downloads and any other software. Because there is something that is already available in our device and we just need to find out those and figure out how to use them. I hope this article will help you a lot in this regard.