Fashion Tips For Pear Shaped Body

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Fashion Tips For Pear Shaped Body

Choosing the right clothes for your body type is not an easy task. Here are some great fashion tips for the pear-shaped body in order to make your job easier when you are searching for the right outfit.

Every woman belongs to a different body type; pear shape, hourglass, apple or ruler. Finding those clothes that are the most flattering for each body type is key to having a stunning, feminine look. The appropriate style of clothing can make a huge difference in your appearance.

Choose The Right Fashion For Pear-Shaped Body

A pear-shaped body is generally characterized by a thin and slender neck, narrow shoulders, small bust and a larger lower body with a shapely waist, generous, rounded hips and tights. Your lines are very feminine and your small waistline is worth of envy.

Choose The Right Fashion For Pear-Shaped Body

Therefore, you should embrace the opportunity to emphasize your assets and learn how to properly address your trouble spots. If you learn these small tricks, your confidence will increase, letting your beauty to shine through.


Wide necklines, such as boat neck or cowl neck style blouse can broaden your shoulders, nicely counterbalancing your bottom half. Look for semi-fitted tops and shirts with detailing or belts that define your waist. Shirts with fuller sleeves are also a perfect choice for your body type. You can also shop for blouses that are gathered under your bust, such as the empire-waist tops. You can opt for bright colored, patterned or striped tops as well and match them with dark bottoms to accentuate the upper half of your body.


Blazers with puffed sleeves can be an ideal option to balance out your shoulders. In order to focus the attention higher, on your upper body and your face, another great idea is to find blazers with buttons starting under your chest. Avoid those that have a single button at the waist or those that have the widest point on your hips.


Low rise, boot-cut jeans or wide-leg pants look amazing on your sihouette and accentuate your delicate lines. Look for stretchy jeans because they can fit very well both on your hips and your tights and hug your curves perfectly. Do not buy tapered pants with side pockets, instead choose flowing fabrics and stick to darker colors that deaccentuate your hips.


Look for skirts that hit slightly below your waistline, close to the smallest point of your waist. A-line skirts can look fabulous on a pear shaped body, these optically trim the hip and the tights. Try to avoid short, tight skirts and extra layers, they draw attention to the problem areas. Opt for simple, sleek style, knee-length skirts that do a great job for a perfect pear shape.


Heels are one of the most advantageous clothing accessories. They nicely elongate your figure and slim your legs. If you aren’t used to wearing stilettos, opt for some that are more comfortable. A perfect pair of heavier style, chunky heels will balance out your calves and give you a stylish look.


Chic and sexy accessories like belts, scarves, necklaces and earring will draw eyes upwards and turn the attention to your beautiful face. Highlight your face with these eye-catching accessories and feel well in your clothes every day.