Ways To Take Care Of Your Instrument

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Ways To Take Care Of Your Instrument

If you decided to be an artist, you will probably do it from the heart. You’ll give your body and should in order to create the perfect music for you and your audience.

Tips To Make Your Instrument Long-Lasting

However, if you want to play cello you need to learn some cello tips and tricks related not only to playing technique but to keeping your instrument last longer. Above all, instruments with strings need special care before you play, after you play and periodically if you don’t plan to play it for a while.

1. Keep it safe

The first rule is to always keep the cello in the bag when you don’t play it; it is recommended to find a bag that will have a strong external shell and soft padding that will fit the cello perfectly and protect it if every situation. When in the car, the cello should be fixed with the seatbelt in order to prevent the cello’s neck get broken. There are no cello tips and tricks that can help you if you don’t keep it in a safe place all the time. The most important part of the cello is probably the bow and since it’s very sensitive, it needs special attention, because the head of the bow is very easy to break so be careful

Tips To Make Your Instrument Long-Lasting

2. Keep it away from humidity and dangerous temperatures

You may have a serious problem if you expose your cello to extremely high or low temperatures or humidity. The best cello cases are designed to protect the instrument from such extreme weather changes, and the string instruments are even more sensitive than other types. The humidifier must be used in very dry conditions and the temperature below zero, otherwise, you can expect to see the crack on your instrument very soon. Above all, the bow should be kept away from extreme heat and you must clean it carefully after every use.

3. Clean it regularly

Cleaning is a very important part of taking care of your cello. The only thing you’ll need is polishing clothes that will be the best for removing the fingerprints and impurities on one side, and it will not damage the cello like some liquid polish. It is good to have the cello inspected once in a while to see if there are some changes or things that should be upgraded. You don’t need to learn cello tips and tricks to understand that it can’t last long if you just play on it and nothing else.

Every single part of the cello requires maintenance. When it comes to a bridge, it’s angle must be checked every week, it also requires strengthening once in a while, you must lubricate the string groves into the bridge and if you can afford it, the good thing is to have summer and winter bridge, as well. The strings must be replaced at least once per year, and you should have the spare ones in case they break in the worst time possible. During dry weather, the pegs may shrink and when exposed to humidity, they may get sticky, so it better not to do anything by yourself but consult the professional.